TGP116 Basın Ekspress Basın Expres, Küçükçekmece, İstanbul

Starting Price | %35 DP, 24 months installment
Property type: Apartments/Flat


Property Details

Bedroom 1 + 1 , 2 + 1
Delivery Time 2019
Payment Method 24 months

Property Information

TGP116 is a housing project with a central location in Basin Express region in the European side of Istanbul. Basin Express which gains value continuously especially in the real estate property sector, is one of the important regions which provides great returns to the investors. It is built near Basin Express road and is a luxury project which attracts attention of investors due to its location, near TEM Highway, E5 Highway, airports, shopping malls, education and health institutions. The project is designed with a triple-fronted aesthetic architecture and high windows which can receive light in all seasons.

Besides miscellaneous services and advantages included in the project, the street shops located under the houses provide the opportunity to meet your daily needs and investment. The project offers various houses to the investors depending on the type of housing or square meters. With the advantage of the project and its location, TGP116 houses are constantly gaining value and attracting the attention of investors.

Why Invest in This Property?

  •  Located in Basin Express
  •  Easy to Rent it out
  •  Suitable for Citizenship
  •  Capital Gain
  •  Reasonable Prices

Property Location

Location Km
TEM Highway 100 m
Marina 14 Km
Akbati Mall 4 Km
Marmara Park Mall 12 Km
Taksim 35 Km
Istanbul New Airport 23 Km
Mall of Istanbul 15 Km
Metro 4 Km

Property Social Facility

  •  Ornamental Pools
  •  Recreational Areas
  •  Hiking Trails
  •  Ballparks
  •  Indoor Swimming Pool
  •  Turkish Bath
  •  Sauna
  •  Gym
  •  Lobby – Cafe Bar
  •  Fitness Center

Property Prices

Type of Flats m² Range Price Range
1 + 1 62 – 62 $ 0 – $ 0
2 + 1 95 – 230 $ 94.000 – $ 223.000

Property Unit Plan


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