TGP122 Maslak Sarıyer, İstanbul

Starting Price | %30 DP, 48 months installment
Property type: Apartments/Flat


Firstly, TGP122 is a project that combines the advantages of high-rise and low-rise building, that is in harmony with its surroundings and that protects and develops the spiritual and physical health of its occupants. Each detail has been designed to strengthen the relationship with nature and air of both the building and also, its occupants for live in city center project.

Secondly, the single-block 50-storey project has a total of 440 tower apartments and 26 terraced houses. The project rises above a land area of ​​9 thousand 525 square meters in total. This project apartment was designed as a studio, 1 room 1 room, 2 rooms 1 room, 3 rooms 1 room, 3.5 rooms 1 room and also, 4 rooms 1 room.

This project is located on the Maslak-Levent line for live in the city center. TGP122 is in a very valuable area that will save you time with its new transportation solutions.

This project has great location, from where you can quickly access all three bridges. It is  in one of the locations that will have the quickest access to the Third Airport. Also this project neighbor hospitals, shopping centers and also, entertainment and cultural hubs.

Finally, TGP122 has extensive social facilities such as ; cinema room, guest house, game room, workspace and also, meeting room, roof bar, concierge services, terrace pool and cafe, yoga and dance studio, spa, sauna and steam room, gym, pet care, premium food service, shopping malls, hospitals, schools.



1+0 63 m² – 95 m² 1.479.000TL – 1.724.000TL
1+1 88 m² – 106 m² 2.487.000TL – 3.243.000TL
2+1 118 m² – 210 m² 3.494.000TL – 4.240.000TL
3+1 222 m² – 256 m² 4.989.000TL – 7.711.000TL
3,5+1 206 m² 6.272.000TL – 7.058.000TL

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